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Her newest, Highway Queen, drops Feb. The former Nickelodeon star continues to churn out the pop hits. The Fillmore, 29 East Allen St. Her debut mixtape, Telefone, dropped last summer to critical raves, for poetic flows about life as a black woman in Chicago that create a chill easy vibe about topics that are anything but. On tour with their fifteenth album, Oczy Mlody, which dropped last week , the psychedelic alternative Grammy-winning rockers deliver groovy stage shows brimming with lush and trippy songs with frontman Wayne Coyne leading the weirdness. In they were in town backing Miley Cyrus on her Dead Petz tour, and their comfort with carefree expression made them a perfect match.

It must stick in the craw of metal purists, but Deafheaven — the five-piece California metal-rock band with neatly trimmed hair and snappy all-black show outfits — keeps racking up critical praise and attention. Their creative independence in the insular metal world is a little punk and a lot original. Diehards needing a fix can check out the elder statesman of metal, Anthrax, on April 5 at Electric Factory. Last fall she released her seventh album, Remember Us to Life.

You’re My Best Friend

Carey has 25 top 10singles, including 18 that hit No. Richie has four No. How do you pick that set list? Fingers crossed the sound engineers are on point. After all, we gave him the Marian Anderson Humanitarian award. Fresh, Al B. So dig up your fuzzy Kangol hat, Cazals, 8-Ball jacket and Air Jordans with the phat laces and get that hi-top fade going. Dream set list: Slick Rick and Doug E. Liacouras Center, N.

Broad St. Known for wearing ruffled tuxedo shirts and black bow ties, this Los Angeles band looks great and sounds even better. His tracks can be euphoric and trippy, but his musical appetites are wide-ranging, leading to collabs with Cypress Hill, Imogen Heap and rapper Shotty Horroh. Oddisee lives in a funky creative space that could alternately be considered on the fringes of rap or in the fertile heart of untapped hip-hop. Simon Green, the year-old British producer and DJ who goes by Bonobo, takes care of his loyal fans, giving them top-shelf chilled out jazz- and soul-inflected house music.

His latest album, Migration, dropped last week.

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Election Secret Philly. Broke in Philly.

Mac Miller - Wear My Hat - (Best Day Ever Mixtape)

A cheat sheet for Nov. Share Tweet Email. Election Lines were so long at West Philly polls that some people left without voting "It would have been great to make it home and see my kids before they went to sleep," said one voter who stayed. I overheard kids talking about it at lunch.

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  • They were saying "yo you heard of odd future? I'm wearing a wiz khalifa shirt today FUCK. Like kids that were acually cool and tastful just started being pot heads. There's nothing wrong with smoking weed as long as you don't start wearing rasta shit and just openly advertise you smoke just to look cool.

    I was wondering this shit too. I don't really even listen to rap but he's been popular around here forever. I know a few of his songs just cause he went to a highschool about 20 minutes from my house in the class 1 year above me. I thought he was just locally popular though. When I first heard Mac Miller a few months ago I immediately thought that this guy was totally trying to imitate Wiz. Later on I found out that he's actually affiliated with Wiz and kinda blew up after him.

    I enjoyed KIDS, but it came out months ago and people are just picking it up now. Sleeping everywhere. High white socks with nike sandles has been a new trend at my school, probably to combat the overly done high black socks. I like high black socks since my attire is almost all black. You might as well just write "clothes". But I guess some things that are actually trends Polo Ralph Lauren I wear it a little bit tho I like that shit.

    The high socks with flip flops thing that shit's comfortable but I don't wear it My school has really low profile jocks and arent douchebags or dipshits either. Real down to earth guys but all the other schools seem to have the douchebag jocks. Well I don't do drastic style changes but I do have a lot of variety and I don't quite see how that's a trend. Some days I'll be dressing nicely, others I'll be rocking gym shorts, the next I'll be str8 gangstuhh with streetwear stuff from karmaloop and such.

    I just enjoy change in my clothing.

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    I'm a member of a fly society styles I got several variety. Thanks to this thread, I just noticed that a lot of people here are starting to double up on long socks and wear sandals :O. People constantly bitching about how mean their mom is. Skating slow as fuck for some reason And smoking weed and getting drunk and then proceeding to bang a S. Raving and posting pictures of raves on Facebook.

    I live in the Los Angeles area. This for sure. My area has this mental health foundation in honor of this 14 year old girl who killed herself, and so the foundation sells clothes and bracelets and such, then the proceeds go to research. It's pretty much a fashion trend now though, which is kind of fucked up.

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    Stop motion with what may be felt. Has a man digging his way underground with a shovel. I believe the music was slower, a male …. Pop song? The video went like this. A guy bringing home random women, possibly hookers, …. Not a famous song — college Music video where a guy likes a girl but leaves The girl goes to college The guys is singing in a field The girl dies in the end. Vevo ad on youtube The ad featured an elderly black man going to the beach every day with a metal detector.

    A reflective look at a group I used to love.

    He finds tons of junk until he eventually goes to a packed …. Indie cute video with people singing in a room with stop motion It was around the s, an indie music video which was really adorable in which i believe two people, a boy and a girl were singing and playing …. It is set in a taxi and ….