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I wouldn't recommend doing that though, because it'll be a PITA if you have to reinstall it later, and just leaving it on a partition even if it's somewhat small since you wont be using it shouldn't affect anything. Once the boot menu appears hit the eject key on the keyboard, insert your Windows XP Installation CD and wait a second or two.

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The Windows disk should appear for booting. The rest is plain old Windows installation therefor no further instructions at this time.

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Once Windows is up and running insert the Mac OS X Installation disc again and open it in the Explorer - you should find all necessary Windows drivers on it. Hello, I do not think you can delete OSX on a mac. Besides if you try to only keep windows in it you might have trouble with drivers and compatibility.

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What don't you try a little bit of both worlds by either using parallels or boot camp. Besides, it is never a bad experience to be familiar with both.

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  • Parallels lets you run windows inside a virtual machine:. You cannot do what you're proposing. Graphics drivers—the major remaining performance hurdle under WinXPonMac—were solid and responsive under limited testing on our iMac.

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    XP's familiar, pixelated installation process went normally, and the Boot Camp manual provided intelligent directions about how to tell XP which partition to use and how to format that partition. On our iMac test machine, Boot Camp was endearingly smart about automating the series of required reboots to get you set up in XP.

    Firefox downloaded and installed flawlessly, and iTunes streamed songs easily from other PCs on the network.

    Installing Windows XP on a MacBook (Mid 2007)

    Both wired and wireless networking seemed fine. Even automatic driver updates downloaded and installed easily. All in all, Boot Camp looks like an impressive effort from Apple. Back in Windows, I got right down to business and installed a few games to put the graphics and sound support to the test.


    The quick and dirty verdict on performance? Most impressive. Doom 3 and Far Cry both ran smoothly with high-end graphics options turned on.