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Even if people were informed that their devices were being monitored, the only way to prevent this type of tracking is to turn off Wi-Fi completely, which is an extreme step. The mobile advertising industry, including big players like Google and Apple, has worked hard to move away from hardware-based identifiers.

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While this may be true, iBeacons are much more user friendly. Applications that use iBeacons are opt-in and users are always able to opt-out by managing their location permissions.

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Last year they blocked applications from accessing the MAC address. Their only location privacy update this year called for more explicit background location access controls.

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They provide a managed space where developers can innovate without overstepping user expectations. As a growing number of applications use location in more diverse ways, they can now do so in an environment where users still retain control.

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I admit that I'm no internet security expert, but I do know that with access control turned off -anyone- can join my network. I feel naked. You should have a strong password to your router anyway.

With or without broadcasting your router SSID. I have a strong password on my airport, yet, my new iPad logged on to that network without that password after I turned off Access Control. I imagine it got it from my iPhone. Let's just say, you don't think it a big deal to have to turn off access control, and I don't think it a big deal to ensure the MAC address is provided on the iPad when the "select a Wi-Fi network" screen shows up during the setup. Obviously, I much prefer my solution. As said, just because your SSID is known it will not let stranger into your network without your strong password.

How to Find the MAC Address of Your iPhone or iPad

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Use timed access to lock out iDevices from Wi-Fi

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