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Adv Reply. May 31st, 2. May 31st, 3. Re: booting from usb That's not entirely true Simply inserting the USB device at boot and not doing anything else won't work. May 31st, 4. I have to make usb with unetbootin or dd?

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May 31st, 5. Re: booting from usb Don't use UNetbootin. So, just use 'dd'. Why don't you try either one of these in the OpenFirmware prompt white screen : Code:.

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May 31st, 6. Re: booting from usb Sorry for being a bit misleading That being said, that's why I recommended the CD method as it's easily the most straight forward and foolproof. As for writing the image to the USB, I agree with rkmugen in using the 'dd' command and making sure you have the right PPC compatible image. May 31st, 7. Re: booting from usb.

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Originally Posted by rkmugen. May 31st, 8. Re: booting from usb If you insist on booting from USB, I recommend you take things step-by-step and do not skip anything.

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First, which ISO are you using? Fix the hard drive first and then connect the optical drive. The optical drives also have jumper settings. Check the ribbon cable into the logic board as that sometimes gets pulled out some when working on the hard drives.

Boot up from your system installation disk by holding down the "C" key. If the drive is an old one I would select the "write zeros" option to map out any bad blocks. This takes a while but will eliminate future problems. Now install your system. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Cera Rep: 1.

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