How to connect mac to phone internet

Turn Bluetooth on. In the shot below, the necessary settings are shown on an iOS Device. Select Set Up Bluetooth Device.

Connection Problems

Select the device and then click Continue. The pairing screen appears with the pairing code. On the iPad, click the modal box that appears to authorize the pairing. Take note that the code is the same otherwise you're pairing to the wrong connection!

Connect your Xbox One console to Xbox Live using a Mac computer

In the Devices list, tap the paired device's name e. Turning on Bluetooth and Pairing an Android Device The sequence is a little different on Android because the mobile device has to be made accessible to the Mac desktop as a separate step, which also initiates the pairing sequence between the Mac and the Android device. Tap Settings on the mobile device. Turn Bluetooth on and tap it to enter Bluetooth settings.

On the Bluetooth settings screen, tap the name of the desktop. The pairing process will begin on the Android device. The pairing process also begins on the Mac as a prompt appears on the Mac desktop. When prompted, compare the passkey on both the desktop and the Android device and approve it on both. Article Record Type.

How to USB Tether Your Android Phone to Mac OS X Using HoRNDIS

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How to Fix Common Wi-Fi Issues on MacBook Pro

Last Modified By. Drop Files. Your iPhone is now connected to the internet through the Mac which is connected to a Wi-Fi network. After that, turn on Bluetooth on Mac and your iPhone, Android or other mobile phones. Skip to content There are cases you want to share your internet connection on Mac with mobile phones or other devices.

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Click the "Apple" button and select "System Preferences. Warning Some cellphone service providers charge a fee for wireless tethering features on Droid phones.

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