Remove user profile from mac os x

For this reason, some of Mac users sold their Mac or gave it away and replace it with a newer model. Sometimes, users want to give their old make to someone else, because they want to purchase a brand-new one. You want to erase everything, and prepare the machine for its new user.

How to Delete a User Account in Mac OS X

The first thing that will cross your mind is to format and reinstall your Mac, which is a good idea. However, maybe you want to give your old Mac to your kid, and you want to erase the data, but you want to keep the applications that have been installed.

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The question is: Is there any other option besides the format or reinstall so that we can keep the applications on our old Mac? Actually, there is a method to erase our data and settings without format and reinstall, so we can keep our applications alive. Before we step up to discuss about this method further, I want to talk about Home Folder in Mac Operating System which is necessary I will not make it complicated.

I promise. One user account in OS X has one Home Folder, if there are 2 user accounts, there will be 2 different Home Folders, each belong to those user accounts separately. Best Answer.

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  • How to Delete a User Account in Mac OS X;

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How to Delete a User on Mac

Cleggy Mar 3, at UTC. Process should be along the lines of 1. Create new local profile 2. Ensure the permissions are totally open for the copy 4.

How to remove an admin account from your Mac

Login with local user 5. Copy data back in the respective place 6.

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Test 7. Remove old active directory user account Although it will work for a time with the old active directory account, there will become a time where it does not. For one, you can delete the account — but create a disk image archive file of the home folder — in case you think the person might return to the Mac and want the files. You can also just delete the account, but leave the home folder where it is. Like the first option, this one also lets you later restore the account and its files if needed.

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