Dragonframe 3.0 for mac os x

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Keypad Controls The most useful animation tools are available With the included Dragonframe keyboard you can focus on animating instead of chasing the mouse. November October July June RSS Feed. Home About Brooke Blog Contact. Details Author Write something about yourself.

  • Dragonframe License Manager User Guide Version 1.2.2.
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No need to be fancy, just an overview. Dragonframe is the premier frame-grabbing software for stop motion animation and time-lapse photography.

Dragonframe Troubleshooting

Using the live view of supported DSLRs, it provides video assist tools for the animator, and is the central hub for capturing and organizing high-resolution frames from the camera. Dragonframe is an excellent frame-grabber, with tools such as step-to-live, onionskinning, auto-toggling, and drawing virtual grease pencil. Dragonframe has innovated in the world of stop motion software by pushing the functionality beyond frame grabbing to provide a full assortment of production tools.

Whether they are independent filmmakers working on a project in a garage, a small crew working on a commercial, or a major studio making a feature film, users will find that Dragonframe has the tools they need to create amazing stop motion animation. Dragonframe 3. A fully operational trial version is downloadable and valid for 30 days.

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Educational pricing is available. Dragonframe 3 is also available for Windows. Dragonframe Stop Motion 3. Committed to providing truly professional-grade software, DZED Systems was founded for the purpose of developing unique software and hardware solutions for stop motion film production.