Mac launchctl dubious permissions on file

FYI, I've updated the Leopard patch to also fix the file permission. I did a fresh install of OS X I created a user at install let's call that user "Owner" for now and created a separate user to auto login and run only Indigo "Indigo". After installing the updated patch, and after confirming the permissions were set as described above both in the Package Contents itself and the LaunchAgents directory, Indigo still does not automatically start at login.

  • Mac launchctl dubious permissions on file?
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I had an issue earlier today where Remote Buddy another application was installed using the Master account, and then it would not operate properly under another account without being reinstalled. I had to authenticate as the original Master user even though Indigo user had admin rights.

What is launchd?

Methinks Apple broke some permissions they shouldn't have Nonetheless, temporary backup solution seems to be set Indigo 2. That seems to force the server to turn on. Try changing the group owner of the. I'm getting an invalid argument error, and I think it has something to do with the group setting. Unix idiot mode on for me: how do I check what user groups are established on the machine?

Indigo Domotics • View topic - issue with autostart of indigo2 in leopard

Thank you! Referring to the online documentation — Designing Daemons and Services , there are four types of background processes. The type Launch Daemon satisfies my requirements: running in the background with no access to the window server.

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You have successfully subscribed to Email Newsletter of Dynamsoft Products. Thank You! Skip to content As a Windows developer, I spent some time looking for an efficient way to create a service, as a counterpart of Windows service, on Mac OS X. NSLog "Hello, World! The file should have permissions , and belong to the user it is to be launched as.

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  • Indigo Domotics • View topic - issue with autostart of indigo2 in leopard.
  • Mac launchctl dubious permissions on file?

If there are write permissions for others, this means that someone else on the system could change something that's being run automatically, which could just be a script that erases your home directory. Hi The permission on the plist file is: -rw-r--r-- 1 defaultuser staff where defaultuser is the current logged in user.

Mac os dubious permissions on file

Command: "sudo launchctl load. Details Tanx in advance. Oct 13, 1. The error message is telling you what to look at. Hi I have tried setting various permissions levels for the plist file. Still bad luck. Any idea?

macOS Sierra Server Part 12: File Permissions