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All I was after was a single browsable file tree that you can right click and apply all the familiar commands update, commit, revert, search history, diff against other versions etc, and netbeans has it all. It's actually really thorough, logical, familiar and complete.

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Give it a shot! Learn more about Teams. Asked 8 years, 6 months ago.


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SvnX is GUI, not command line. They have a build for the Mac OS. Vivien 2 2 gold badges 12 12 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges.

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Note that iSVN is marked as 'alpha' software and hasn't been updated since I personally find sourcetree to be most generally suitable for most versioning tools. Vadim Kotov 5, 7 7 gold badges 36 36 silver badges 49 49 bronze badges. Jimmy M. Lim Jimmy M.

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Lim 6 6 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. It works though. If the remote is SVN, you can still connect to it.

SnailSVN - TortoiseSVN-like SVN Client for Mac OS X

It still interacts perfectly with a SVN remote server. Good point.

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Locally it doesn't support. Lim Jan 23 '13 at Maybe this helps? Lim Apr 25 '14 at I don't know of a shortcut key for it. Otherwise, get ready to find a workaround. Nice App though. The iCloud Drive folder is not an ordinary folder, since the iCould daemon is monitoring it and it seems that no other Finder plugins can get a higher priority. Currently there no much we can do to fix this issue yet. Do remember to check the files before committing so that unwanted files are not included.

Thank you! Is there a means to perform a Clean Up? Beginner at svn, so please forgive me if I use wrong terminology! Navigate to the root of the repository in the Repository Browser you may need to change the URL manually 3.

We suggest that you experiment this on a testing repository first and then use it for production. Diff was working for me in Version 1. With the update to Version 1. Anyone else has this problem? Thanks for replay…but i m confused. I struggle to find it in the right click list. Hi, thanks you for making the wonderful extension. But I m confused. When I used SnailSvn, I enter the username and password for svn and it stored the username and password for me and worked well.

But, recently, I changed my svn password, and now SnailSvn asks me to enter username and password every time. How can I fix it? Thank you. Be careful and make sure that you know what you are doing. Hi Peter, The free version support one working copy, but the full version supports unlimited working copies. Hi Dave, We are sorry but Kaleidoscope is currently not supported yet. We consider adding support for more diff tools in the future. SnailSVN would like to access the following paths:.

Thanks for that tool. I have been waiting so long. One remark: When I select one subfolder in the project and then perform SVN update, it updates the whole project, not only the selected folder. Can this be fixed? And I think it has to do with this. Before, I have found what to put there, and everything worked.

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Please, help! It looks like it installs the command line tool. Now its working… thanks. You can merge trunk into a branch by following these steps: 1. Configure the merge options and start merging 7. Review the changes, test your code and commit or revert, if things go wrong Thank you! Hope this comment helps to somebody else as well. Hi, You need to select 1 or 0 folder first. The selected item or its parent folder must be clean in order to start merge. It seems that commits will not proceed if file changes are more than a substantiate number of change. Hi, thank you for this awesome tool!

It is worth every Cent! In this way I can not revert certain lines of code from the repository back into my local working copy. One should be a local file on my drive and not a temporary one created? However I must say that 1 out of 5 files are compared correctly. Hi, recently my SnailSVN been updated to version 1.

source site The issue is i cannot do file comparison. Both of my compare tools DiffMerge and FileMerge unable to do so. Please assist. Hi, please run the following command in Terminal to fix the issue: defaults write net. I am paid user of snailSVN since 1 month. It was working fine at beginning but suddenly, it has stopped working. I have tried everything including quit and restart, restarting machine, uninstalling and reinstalling.

But problem still persist. Please suggest, how I can make it working. My problem seems to be solved. I moved my working directory to other folder and then it stopped working. In windows, moving working directory was no issue but in Mac, it looks like; you have to remap the working directory if moved to new location.